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Virtualization & Cloud Solutions

Virtualization is major component of the modern IT strategy which saves money through consolidation and maximizing infrastructure, but to ensure success, you need to consider its impact on performance of your existing resources.
Technofast Virtualization services help to maximize the success of your next virtualization initiative and achieve the benefits through a well-planned virtualization strategy. Our services provide a comprehensive architectural approach that offers IT Infrastructure consolidation and virtualization consulting, design, implementation, testing and also management services to the enterprises to meet business needs.


Virtualization Services offered by us:

  • Virtualization Planning
  • Virtualization Implementation
  • Proof of Concept
  • Production
  • Virtualization Tuning
  • Server, Desktop, Network, Storage and Application Virtualization. 


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Cloud computing frees up budgets hand-cuffed by IT expenses. Instead of purchasing software licenses and hardware for new employees and locations, businesses simply add accounts to expand computing capacity.
To get the most out of cloud computing, we help customers to understand where and how their portfolio of technology services can benefit from cloud sourcing. We help customer to weigh cloud against traditional delivery models and provide the best method of service delivery to get what they need done, at the right cost and in the right time with understanding the factors such as security, the openness of the infrastructure, automation, resilience and seamless delivery.